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04-Sep-2017 15:28

Facebook and Linked In offer affordable advertising that targets your audience. You can easily promote it and advertising is inexpensive.

When people sign up, provide them with opportunities to share the information about your event on Linked In, Twitter, or Facebook – encourage them to do the marketing for you.

Planning an event takes a lot of time and effort, but it can be less daunting if you plan well in advance.

The process is much easier if you have a team of volunteers that are willing to take on specific tasks.

You can request that they mention the event to all their contacts or share it on social media.

Getting corporate sponsors for your event is a win-win situation for both parties.

Get testimonials from attendees about how much fun, worthwhile, or educational it is to attend the event.

Testimonials from local residents are great, but are even more effective if they come from people who travel longer distances to attend the event.

You may be able to make an arrangement with your corporate sponsors to get their assistance in advertising your event to their contacts.This causes a lot less stress for everyone involved. They generally like to have about 10 months to make all the necessary arrangements for a special event.If your event is featuring music or live entertainment, contact the musical groups or performers you want to feature as early as possible.An important point to keep in mind if your event is a trade show or convention, is that you must focus on what the benefits to customers are when they buy products or services from you.

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Trade shows are one of the best ways to find qualified leads.

You can determine who your target audience is after you choose the topic for the event and decide on the program.