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One of these is Roger Mc Namee, with whom he now runs Elevation Partners.Mc Namee, a long-haired, geeky 50-year-old part-time musician who drives a humble Toyota Camry, is famed as one of the smartest dealmakers in California's 'Silicon Valley' with a personal fortune estimated to be more than 0million.Cosying up to jailed tycoons and paying as little tax as possible.

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For Bono, one of the biggest rock stars in the world, it was not a typical gig, particularly as one member of the soiree's improvised backing band was a one-time jailed financier embroiled in an infamous shares scandal.None of which is very rock 'n' roll, and all rather at odds, one would think, with his image as campaigning activist and anti-poverty hero - especially given his recent highly controversial decision to relocate U2's business empire to Holland to avoid paying tax.