Dating a capricorn man yahoo

04-Sep-2017 23:59

Sagittarius is totally unaware of the effect when his direct honesty compels him to speak.

Then he'll greet you with a remark like, "How the heck do you manage to look so young when you're as old as you are? As for the double chin, lots of people your age have a little flab in the neck region. You know, when you After he's carefully explained his verbal goofs and got you feeling all better again, he'll go on his merry way, whistling a tune from the latest Broadway show. He blurts out his shockingly direct speech in total innocence. His unique combination of wit, intelligence and fiery drive usually brings the archer straight to the winner's circle.

He's a Sagittarian who has just gone out on a verbal limb, but he doesn't know it yet.